Year 7 Advanced Learner Programme
8th January 2016

Tytherington School has launched a pioneering project which aims to stretch academic high flyers in Year 7. Several Year 7 students are part of the programme which aims to provide additional challenges for youngsters.

As part of the project, students accept Secret Mission assignments designed to challenge and stretch them inside and out of the classroom. The students have also been involved in creating a brand new school newspaper which has involved them interviewing staff, students and members of the local community. The students also have the opportunity to produce a double page spread for Bollington Live, working with the editor, Annette Hurst, on the project. These students will have the unique opportunity to see the process through from design and writing, to printing and production, as well as the actual delivery of the magazine to houses in Bollington in March.

The next challenge for Year 7s is the Bucket List Challenge. The list sets out 15 wide ranging and inspiring tasks to suit all tastes and talents. Examples include, learning how to play a song on a musical instrument, helping an elderly person with shopping or chores or creating an idea for filling an empty shop unit in Macclesfield.

Budding writers enjoyed a Creative Writing workshop delivered by former pupil and published author, Charles Eades. In the workshop, they were given some useful advice on the writing process, and were given the chance to practise their skills. In December a group of Year 7 Scientists visited Jodrell Bank to witness the launch of Tim Peake, the European Space Agency’s first British astronaut.

This term, Tytherington School plans to launch the “Tenner Community Business Challenge” where students will be able to develop their entrepreneurial skills by developing ideas of how to create a community enterprise business from a £10 investment.

Emmanuel Botwe, Headteacher, said: “We have an exceptionally able and keen year 7 and the programme is about stretching our students. We want to develop all our students to ensure they are articulate, intellectually curious and socially conscious. The Advanced Learner Programme provides all of those opportunities”.

One of Mr Botwe’s first acts as Headteacher was to appoint a senior member of staff to develop the programme. Mrs Caroline Burke, Leader of Advanced Learners, added: “We are hoping to host an information and rewards evening later this half term to celebrate some of the achievements of our young people”.