2 days to go till the launch of Rose Day 3!
3rd February 2016

Students across the school are involved in numerous events throughout the day focusing on issues from internet safety and mental health awareness to sessions on stress management and revision techniques.

Here are just some of the activities that will be taking place on Friday. Pictures and reports on the day will be in the next Academy News and also KS3 Newsletter.

Year 7

First Aid Workshop
Students will be involved in practical workshops to help them understand how to deal with burns, sprains and what do to in an emergency.

Charity Fun Run
The students in Year 7 will also be dressing up in Fancy Dress and taking part in a Charity Fun run to support several Year 8 students who are looking to raise over £1000 for Cancer Research.

Year 8

Outside Speakers
Students in Year have an action packed day with outside speakers presenting to the students on Internet Safety, Careers and Bullying.

Charity Day
Year 8 students have come together to support another student in Year 8 to raise money for Cancer Research. The Year 8 Boys have set themselves the challenge of raising over £1000 and they have organised a staff car wash, cake sale, non-uniform day to help them reach their target.

Year 9 Options Interviews

Year 9 students have had a busy week following their Options Evening deliberating what options to take next year as they embark on their GCSE’s. Students and parents have been invited to meet their form tutors to discuss their next steps in more detail.

Year 10

Students are taking part in a variety of workshops throughout the day to support them with developing strategies to cope with stress from Yoga, Art therapy, circuit training as well as a presentation by Samaritans.

Year 11

At a critical time in Year 11, students are spending the day in a variety of workshops to support them with developing a bank of revision strategies from mind mapping, revision cards to academic exam writing.

Year 12

Students are involved in “Drive to Survive” with Cheshire Fire Brigade. Students will have the opportunity to see a car which has been involved in a crash as well as delving deeper into the causes of the high rate of accidents amongst young drivers.

Year 13

There are only 5 months left for Year 13 students in secondary education. To support the in moving on to independent living the students will have the opportunity to take part in workshops on financial management and cooking.

Other Rose Day Events

Student Parliament
Launch of the Tenner Challenge
KS3 Newsletter team will be reporting on Rose Day
Garden Project