May Parent Forum
23rd May 2016

Parent Forum 4th May Feedback:

Many thanks to the families who joined me for my second Parents Forum of the year. I was delighted to share with you some of our triumphs and areas of progress this year.

This include:

  • A feeling that the school is “on the up”.
  • Strong relationships between staff and students.
  • Improved behaviour.
  • Outstanding 6th Form.
  • Improved extra-curricula offer.

Changes you’ve liked:

  • Headteacher daily walks.
  • Improved communication with parents via twitter and website, texts, etc.
  • Exam preparation.
  • Form time at the start of the day.
  • Weekly Headteacher Celebration Breakfasts.

Some common themes I picked up from feedback on what we could improve:

  • Whilst Show My Homework is an improvement, there is still not enough Homework being set.
  • Ensuring that the opportunities provided in the Advanced Learners Programme are rolled out more widely.
  • More meaningful reports.
  • Parents need to be better informed about teacher changes and want to know more about who their child’s form tutor is.
  • Ensure that no student feels any peer pressure not to be seen to be doing well in school.
  • Improve the rewards system.
  • Ensure that we get better at enabling students to catch-up if they start secondary school struggling with numeracy and literacy.
  • Ensure that student helpers at school events are well briefed.
  • Provide more notice of fixtures.
  • Involve parents more in the life of the school.

May Parent Forum Presentation