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9th June 2016

If you would like to leave a message please use the comment box below. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our deepest sympathy to his wife and three children.

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  1. What a tragedy for his family and a great loss to tytherington school, an inspirational teacher, whose feedback about both my children on parents evenings over the last 8 years has moved me greatly, he bothered to get to know them and it was so obvious, My Son Callum thought he was ‘a top man’ and was devasted yesterday, his enthusiasm and passion was obvious, i hope his family are comforted in the months to come in the knowledge of how much of a difference he made certainly to my two children and no doubt hundreds of others, our thoughts and sympathy to his children and wife, Joanne. Lucy & Callum Atkinson

  2. Thank you for being so passionate about your subject and thank you for always putting the children at the centre of your teaching. Two great qualities that made you a great teacher to the children at Tytherington High School. We thank you

  3. Thank you Mr Wharton for inspiring our son Tom, for believing in him & encouraging him to aspire to achieve his potential & more. Thank you for your enthusiasm, humour & care which has engaged so many students over the years, leaving them with fond memories of a great teacher. Tom, like so many many others, will miss you greatly.
    Sending our sincerest condolences to the entire Wharton family from Sharon, Steve, Tom & Eleanor Picken.

  4. I remember when – on religious grounds – I removed myself from the Christmas assembly, Mr Wharton was the teacher keeping watch outside the hall and he enquired and attentively listened with genuine interest whilst I explained my religious viewpoint.
    I hadn’t realised prior to reflection that this is my most emotive memory of my time at Tytherington High School, and why I will remember Mr Wharton as a teacher with geniune interest for students and their opinions.

  5. The kindest man I have ever known. A massive influence on my school work and my attitude to school. I always envied his passion to teach and his passion to better himself. Mr Wharton gave above and beyond what people needed and knew all his pupils on a nickname basis. He was a Teacher, Father figure and a great friend. I will always remember watching him whizz past on his racer every morning past my bus stop. R.I.P Guy Wharton. May you rest in paradise.

  6. i honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen such a well respected teacher. I never had to hear Guy raise his voice once in class, we would always listen with intent because his passion and enthusiasm for biology would draw us all in too. I remember sometimes he used to get so excited about the knowledge he was sharing with us his voice would start getting louder and louder, then he’d stop and say ‘am I shouting?’ and laugh after realising he really was. It was this passion that inspired us all to find something we cared about and enjoyed, like he did. His memorable cycling style made sure we all recognised him when he was out and about, and I will hugely miss these moments. He was a huge part of our school and will be greatly missed.

  7. Mr Wharton was a true inspiration! His passion for science in particular Biology inspired me further to achieve my dreams of working with exotic wild animals in a scientific and conservation setting. I remember learning the basics with him at Tythy, and I still his unique association techniques today! He was always in a great mood and always pushing you to do your best! After high school I worked part time at Wickes in between Zoo internships and college, and when he popped in, he was always extremely interested and encouraging in my next steps. He was a lovely man and a wonderful mentor. My heart goes out to his family during this extremely difficult time, however they must know how many lives he toucued with his positivity and encouraging nature. RIP Guy, thanks for your support, keep on riding xx

  8. So sad to hear of the loss of one of the nicest men I’ve ever had the privilege to work with. I had only seen him a few weeks ago, laughing and smiling as he did.
    As an ex-colleague I just want to say that he touched so many people’s hearts over the years and he will be dearly missed and fondly remembered.
    All my love x

  9. Such an amazing teacher and always had a huge smile on his face taken way too early and will be dearly missed by all rip Guy Andrew Wharton

  10. Mr wharton was such a great man in so many different ways. He was an amazing father who always wanted the best for his children and gave them endless care,he was a great teacher and inspiration to his students. He will be greatly missed by everyone who was lucky enough to know him! Thankyou guy for being such a great person and I promise to look after your daughter and be there to help her through this all the way. Thoughts are with the wharton family xx Jess F
    Jess F

  11. A tragic loss of an inspirational teacher. Thank you for your enthusiasm and dedication to teaching and that of your students, you taught our son Tom who thought you were a great teacher. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. The Spray family

  12. I’ll always remember learning about action potentials by making a complicated maze system out of cardboard boxes and toilet tube rolls! Mr Wharton always had a way to make biology fun and engaging. Like many others have said on here, he was a teacher that always had time for you. He bothered to get to know his students and this made such a difference to the lessons. I would not be where I am today without the foundations laid in those biology lessons. Thank you Mr Wharton for being one of the best teachers and role models. May you rest in peace.

  13. Mr Wharton was an amazing person. He was a great teacher and a lovely person to be around. He always made the atmosphere happy and always spoke of his family. He had a passion for his bike riding and biology. At parents evening he said to my mum, ‘thank you for your daughter, this will always be in my memories of Mr Wharton, my thoughts are with his family, RIP Mr Wharton

  14. Osbaldiston family

    We just want to thank Mr Wharton for everything, he was a true inspiration to us even though he never tought Harry. His passion rubbed off on Mollie over the years, and Harry said would have loved him as a teacher because he seemed so cool. More of a best mate to everybody than a teacher and a true father figure in the school. Thoughts are with family and friends at this time. Rest in peace Mr Wharton you legend x

  15. So he passed over, and all the trumpets sounded for him on the other side. – Pilgrim’s Progress.
    Goodbye Mr. Wharton

  16. Dear Tytherington School,

    I hope it is not inappropriate for me to contact you at this very sad time regarding the tragic loss of Guy Wharton. I am a parent of two former students at Tytherington School, Daniel Eden and his younger brother Jamie. Daniel left your school five years ago and Jamie three years ago.

    Mr Wharton was Daniel’s form teacher for two years and he taught both Daniel and Jamie biology. I did not know Guy personally but I do actually remember parents evenings especially for Daniel and he did appear compassionate about his pupils and really did care about their well being and their future.

    Like Mr Wharton we all enjoy cycling and we ourselves all cycle the route where the tragic accident happened on 7th June. We would on occasion see Guy cycling in Bollington where we also live and Daniel and I saw him out on his bike in the last week or two.

    Circumstance has it that my wife Ann and I were at the scene shortly after the accident on our way home from the Roaches when other people were trying to help. It was made all the more harrowing the next day to learn from Daniel and Jamie that it was Mr Wharton who had tragically lost his life in the accident.

    We took Daniel to see the floral tribute at the roadside and I think he was particularly moved by the tragedy.

    Our condolences go out to you all at Tytherington School and to Mr Wharton’s wife, children and family at this extremely sad time.

    You are all in our thoughts.

    Jon, Ann, Daniel and Jamie Eden.

  17. Mr Wharton was one of the greatest teachers I ever had the pleasure of being taught by. Mr Wharton started at Tytherington on the same day that I did as a year 7 pupil. I have never met anybody with such a passion and enthusiasm for their work and in inspiring others to like the subject as much as he did. I only had him as a Science teacher for one year but that one year was very memorable and Mr Wharton made the subject interesting and fun. Mr Wharton really was a credit to Tytherington High School and it certainly won’t be the same anymore. I remember going on a bike ride with him and others on an enrichment week and apart from Biology his real passion was cycling and that was evident on the ride we had that day. Mr Wharton was an incredible person and he will be truly missed . RIP Mr Wharton x

  18. Guy Wharton was always so enthusiastic at parents evenings and you could see how his passion inspired so many pupils. Definitely born to teach. My boys both thought he was a wonderful teacher, he understood how to get the best out of people. Our thoughts are with his family and his colleagues who must miss him dearly.

  19. I didn’t know Mr Wharton but I’m a fellow road cyclist, I’m a similar age, and I too live in Bollington. I cycle this route many times as its a great part of the world with stunning views, and always a great challenge – it offers endless hours of enjoyment, and I’m sure this is why it was a favorite of Mr Whartons’. This is a very tradgic accident, my thoughts are with Mr Wharton’s family and friends at this difficult time.

  20. Chris Baker-Brian

    It’s been over 10 years since I last met Guy, when I was finishing in the sixth form at Tytherington in 2005; however his passion for teaching and his amazing ability to communicate with his pupils is something I vividly remember from my time at the school. Amongst many memorable teachers from that period, he was maybe the most loved and popular with the students and certainly inspired many people to pursue further studies in the sciences. His death is a devastating loss for his family, the school and everyone that knew him.

  21. My thoughts go out to the family and I hope MR Wharton knows that he was loved and will be missed and never forgotten. Even though he is no longer in this world I believe that he is watching over us and is saying it’s okay and that it is okay to carry on. For a student you couldn’t have a better teacher ,someone who is kind, understanding and will help you at anytime that is what MR Wharton was like and there is nothing more you could want
    Thank you MR Wharton for being there for me and every other student ,you made a difference and i will alway remember you

  22. The Scott Family X

    A very sad time for Tytherington school,what a lovely man Mr Wharton was,God bless his family and rest in peace.

  23. His death is a great loss to the school, my sons and all their friends have all said how much they liked him as a teacher and how they felt he really cared about his students, my thoughts are with his Wife and children

  24. Our heart goes out to all at Tytherington High School and his family. Mr Wharton was passionate, enthusiastic, patient and above all dedicated to the cause. He saw potential in each child and strived to get the best outcome.

  25. They were the ones who made us smile, and blessed our lives for a short while. God bless Mr Wharton. Thoughts and prayers to your family.

  26. We have many fond memories of Mr Wharton. A truly inspirational, caring and committed teacher who was clearly loved by so many and who will be greatly missed. Our deepest sympathy goes to his wife and family.

  27. Ms Sheila Molyneux Laura and Sammy Bailey

    One of my daughters was lucky to have Mr Wharton as her form Tutor for a couple of years and has spoken highly of him saying he was one of the best teachers she has ever had. He always had a smile, great stories to tell and made everyone feel valued .
    My thoughts are with his family at this sad time.

  28. Tim and Jane Watson

    It is with great sadness that we write this message. Our daughter Alice was always inspired by Mr Wharton’s teaching and often said how much she enjoyed his lessons. We are sure that he contributed to her interest in science and biology which she hopes to pursue in the future. He always appeared as a friendly and honest member of staff who was passionate about his subject. Parents evenings will not be the same without him and he will be missed cycling around Bollington and the nearby hills. Our prayers and thoughts are very much with his family and friends at this time – may they be aware of support and comfort, when they need it most in the coming weeks and months

  29. The Dentith family

    The loss of such an inspirational teacher and a devoted family man is a real tragedy. Our son Christopher had all the time in the world for Mr Wharton as both his science teacher and the father of his good friend Owen. Our hearts go out to his lovely family.

  30. Mr Wharton was a great teacher. He was always enthusiastic to meet us at the Parents Evenings, and we will always remember the feedback he have about my son Joshua, when we had met him. He was always passionate about his subject, and motivated his students – encouraging them to excel and achieve their true potential, while appreciating their hard work. His feedback was always inspirational, and he has made so much difference, that he will be always missed and never forgotten. We would like to extend our deepest condolences to his wife and family at this tragic loss.

  31. Cant believe hes gone he was the nicest bloke anybody had the pleasure of knowing every lesson he was at the door to welcome you and at the door at the end to shake your hand and say goodbye and its heartbreaking to know that 5th period when he said see ya adam it was the final time i would see him

  32. One of the most kind hearted, friendly, genuine and caring people I have had the pleasure the know. At the start of each lesson he would welcome each and every student into his classroom with such respect and friendliness, and because of this he was so respected and loved by the students and staff. He was so proud of his family and his face would light up whenever he spoke about them. He will be missed by so many at Tytherington but will be remembered by so many and the lives he made a difference to.

  33. Having met Mr Wharton for the first time at a recent parents evening, I feel privileged to have done so. His professionalism, enthusiasm and energy for life made a long lasting impression, I now deeply understand how inspired my son Samuel Hill felt, having had Mr Wharton for his biology lessons for four years. He spoke about him fondly, as a role model. Living close to Buxton Road, Samuel would often spot Mr Wharton on his bike and comment on how he wanted to be like him. Such a tragic loss to our world. What a guy. Heartfelt condolences to Mr Wharton’s wife, children, nearest and dearest. Thankyou to Tytherington School for demonstrating ultimate respect for an amazing teacher. Regards Liz Hill and Samuel Hill Y10 x

  34. One of the best teachers I ever had always believed in me r.i.p sir