Year 11 GCSE Examinations Period Coming to an End
11th June 2016

The end of the Mathematics exam on Thursday  marked the end of the GCSE examination period for a number of our Year 11 students that had not taken double or triple Science, History, Child Development and Russian. We therefore bid them farewell for now and look forward to seeing them on the field at 11:30am on Friday 17th June.

For those Year 11 students that are continuing on with other subjects, the school remains fully open to them until the end of the day on Tuesday 14th June, with lessons and “Booster Sessions” continuing and the Library and other facilities available for you to study in.

As a reminder, we have the following GCSE examinations remaining:

Exam Week Date Subject Start Time
Week 4 Monday 13th June Child Development 13:00
Tuesday 14th June History 2 13:00
Wednesday 15th June Chemistry (C2 & C3) 13:00
Friday 17th June Physics (P2 & P3) 09:00
Russian Listening & Reading 13:00
Week 5 Thursday 23rd June Russian Writing 09:00
All students should arrive at their exam venue 15 minutes prior to the start time.

In order to support through these final examinations, we have the following specific lessons and “Booster Sessions” taking place within the timetable:

Date Subject Time
Monday 13th June Child Development Period 2 (10:00-11:00)
History Period 2 (10:00-11:00)
History Period 3 (11:20-12:20)
Tuesday 14th June History Period 1 (09:00-10:00)
Chemistry (C2) Period 3 (11:20-12:20)
Chemistry (C3) Period 3 (11:20-12:20)
Wednesday 15th June Chemistry (C2) Period 3 (11:20-12:20)
Chemistry (C3) Period 3 (11:20-12:20)
Thursday 16th June Physics (P2) Period 1 (08:45-09:45)
Physics (P3) Period 1 (08:45-09:45)
Physics (P2) Period 2 (09:45-10:40)
Physics (P3) Period 2 (09:45-10:40)
Physics (P3) Period 3 (11:00-12:00)

Once the examinations are over we look forward to seeing all of our Year 11 students on the field at 11:30 on Friday 17th June 2016. Remember to bring some money for an ice-cream and your trainers for a few games. We will also be planting an apple tree in our school garden in memory of Mr Wharton, from our ‘Class of 2016’.

It has been an absolute pleasure working for our Year 11 over the course of the year and I wish you all of the best for a fantastic (extended) summer holiday and results day on the 25th August.

Mr Pilbury