We Did it Again!
23rd August 2018

Hot on the heels of excellent A-Level results, Tytherington School is yet again celebrating a strong set of GCSE results. We are delighted to announce that we have shown a three-year trend of fantastic GCSE results despite the enormous turbulence and reform at GCSE.

Provisionally, almost 80% of Year 11 students achieved five standard GCSE passes including English and Maths. The pass rates for both English and Maths were well over 80%. These results are in line with our record-breaking results of the previous two years.  This represents an improvement of 15% on the comparable figure in 2015.

Headteacher, Manny Botwe, said: “We are so proud of our students. The students coped extremely well with the new GCSE structure which was far more exam based than before. The teachers and students had to contend with not even having past papers to revise from. I’m pleased that we have shown three consecutive years of strong performance.

Importantly, the improvement in our results has been done in the right way. We are proud that we have always held fast to the principled belief that we should do what is right for our students and not what will purely satisfy league tables. This means that we do not direct our students to study specific combinations of subjects and we do not enter them for less recognised qualifications that ‘boost’ or ‘top-up’ our figures in government league tables. We know that our league table position will suffer because of this, but we will continue to do what is in the best interests of our students.”

The following students achieved 5 or more of the very highest grades (7-9):

Rachel Cox, James Bridge, Evie Brooks, Jakob Comber, Emily Griffen, Tallulah Howarth, Anna Luckman, Ellen Marchetti, Luke Wood, Rory Barden, Emma Brier, Holly Brockbank, Victoria Wilson, Megan Hibben, George Scott, Rachel Ballantyne, Katherine Dane, Rebecca Purves, Brandon Roberts, Harriet Terrington, Constance Tobin, Oliver Dean, Brian McClintock, Henry Bridgett, Rachel Gaunt, Ethan Hadfield, Ben Jagger, Matthew Murdock, Samuel Rainford, Benjamin Willis.

Oliver Dean has the honour of being the student who made the greatest progress from key stage 2 (primary school) to the end of key stage 4 (GCSE), averaging three grades higher than his predicted grades.

Underneath the impressive headlines, there are many astonishing student stories. Here are a selection which gives you an insight into what we are about at Tytherington School.

Anna Luckman
In addition to a fantastic set of GCSE results (including nine Grade 9s and one Grade 8), Anna Luckman has had an extremely successful year in sport. A talented netballer, Anna successfully balanced her studies with representing Cheshire. One notable highlight was the recent tour of the Isle of Man which saw Anna’s U17 team return home undefeated. Throughout Year 11, Anna also successfully completed her Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award and like over 40 of her peers has spent four weeks of the summer holidays completing the National Citizen Service (NCS) course.

Harriet Terrington
Harriet suffered a serious injury as a result of a go-karting crash at the start of her GCSE studies. The injury led to many complications and resulted in Harriet missing a great deal of time from school. Despite this, she achieved a stunning set of GCSE results including one Grade 9, three Grade 8s, three Grade 7s, a Grade 6, a Grade 5 and an additional Grade B from Astronomy that she took as part of an extra-curricular club. What a student!