Appeals for Year 7 Places at Tytherington School
7th March 2019

Dear Families,

As you will be aware, the Local Authority have sent out information to parents about secondary school offers. We have been made aware that several families have been unable to gain a place here. If you are in that situation and would still like to come Tytherington, please find information below about your next steps:

  1. We would advise you to accept the place that you have been offered before the 15th March deadline. That place can be declined at a later date if a place becomes available here. If you decline your current offer and are then not successful at appeal or via the waiting list for a place at Tytherington, then there is a chance that your child would not have a secondary place at a local school at all.
  2. Write to (or ring 0300 123 5012) the Admissions Department at Cheshire East to request that your child’s name is placed on the waiting list for Tytherington School.
  3. If your circumstances have changed since the original application was submitted (for example, a change of address/school), make sure that you give this information to Cheshire East. This may influence your position on the waiting list.
  4. After the 15th March deadline has passed, the Authority will start to backfill places from the waiting list. Not all students will take up their offer of a place at Tytherington as there are always families whose circumstances change.

If you have not gained a place here but still want your child to come here in September, please make sure you contact the local authority and ask to be added to our waiting list.

If you still have not gained a place after the above, there is the right to an independent appeal. We would suggest that you wait until after the Easter break as you may still gain a place before September from our waiting list. If you would like to pursue the appeal process, I have attached some guidance documentation for your information. You will need to submit your appeal on the proforma attached to the Chair of the Admissions Committee, c/o the Clerk to Governors here at Tytherington. This can be emailed to Mrs Proctor at All appeals for Y7 places for September will be heard before the second week of July.

We are really humbled by your interest in our school. This is an incredibly emotional journey. What I will say is that we are served by four excellent comprehensives in Macclesfield, so wherever your child ends up, they will flourish and succeed.

If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Proctor on 01625 610220

Tytherington School Appeal Form

Admission Appeals Leaflet

Mr Emmanuel Botwe