Middlewood Way Closure Update
14th June 2019

We have now received direct contact from the company (Balfour Wayleaves) that are carrying out the works on the power lines overhanging the Middlewood Way and Silk Road, on behalf of the National Grid.

We have had it confirmed by them that sections of the Middlewood way will be closed between Monday 17th June to Thursday 25th July 2019.

We have been speaking with their Project Manager who has been very accommodating and rather than completely closing the whole of the section between Brocklehurst Way and Tesco, he has agreed to keep the section between Tesco and our Middlewood Way Gate open throughout the works for students to make their way from that direction.

Unfortunately, they will have to close the Middlewood Way between Brocklehurst Way and our Middlewood Way Gate from Monday 17th June to accommodate their centre of operations, and the section between Brocklehurst Way and the footbridge over the Silk Road for the majority of the work period.

The following is a copy of the official ‘Footpath Closure Notice’ that been published and shows the alternative route. Please click on the image below to download a PDF version of the notice:

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