Safety in the vicinity of Tytherington School – Making your way to and from school
4th September 2019

At the key times of the day when students are being dropped off for and picked up from school this inevitably leads to an increase in the volume of traffic in the area surrounding our school and we recognise that this has great impact on Badger Road and Beech Farm Drive. As I am sure you can understand there are a number of complications and potential hazards that arise from this that concern us:

  • We are concerned for the safety of those students that travel on foot or bicycle and have to navigate the congested cars in Badger Road and Beech Farm Drive.
  • We understand that some parents/guardians are parking in the restricted areas demarked by the double yellow lines at the Manchester Road end of Badger Road and near end of Tytherington Park Road. This area has been made a restricted area for parking owing to past hazardous incidents.
  • Owing to the more narrow suburban residential nature of Badger Road the parking of cars in the street obstructs the access for the local bus service and other drivers that wish to use the road.
  • The same obstruction, on both Badger Road and Beech Farm Drive, effects our neighbours and residents that are local to our school who should be able to have unrestricted access to and from their own homes at all times.

We therefore ask that all parents/guardians that drop-off and pick up their children and use both Badger Road and Beech Farm Drive are considerate of safety of others, our neighbours, local services and legal restrictions when doing so.

When travelling by bicycle, wear a cycle helmet

It goes without saying that when cycling to and from school (or at any other time), wearing a cycle helmet greatly protects you and decreases the risk of serious injury should you have an accident. We therefore ask that all parents/guardians ensure that if their child is travelling by bicycle, they have a cycle helmet and that all students travelling by bicycle wear their cycle helmet.

We thank you for your support and cooperation in both of these matters.

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