Mandarin Evening
4th December 2019

Year 7 students at Tytherington School have made an excellent start to their Mandarin studies this year. Over fifty students at Tytherington have now embarked on the Mandarin Excellence programme, an intensive programme funded by the Department for Education, which aims to get students well on their way to fluency after five years of study.

Mandarin Chinese opens up a world of opportunity to students – as the most spoken language in the world, it can connect learners with an exciting and dynamic culture and boost their career opportunities. Mandarin has been identified as one of the most important languages for the UK’s future prosperity, so now is the perfect time for students to learn the language.

On the evening of Thursday November 28th, families of students learning Mandarin were invited to come and see for themselves the students’ already very impressive Mandarin skills after three months of learning. They heard students sing, speak and write in Mandarin, and families were fully involved in the evening too. Miss Kang, our Mandarin teacher, taught family members the numbers 1-10 in Chinese and then they played Bingo, with the numbers being read out by the students. The sheer delight of some parents when they won a game of Bingo showed a very strong competitive spirit! Families were also involved in an activity similar to Charades where the student had to guess what they thought the actions meant and then write the sentence in Chinese characters. There was some impressive acting on the part of family members and it was great fun for all involved.

At Tytherington we are very proud of our Mandarin provision and are delighted to have been invited to join this programme in 2018 with a small number of other schools in the North West. By working towards achieving a very high level of Mandarin Chinese, students on this programme are being given an unprecedented opportunity in terms of language provision in schools in England. We wish them all the best on their exciting Mandarin journey.