Update regarding GCSE and A-Level examinations this summer
3rd April 2020

Dear Families,

Re: Update regarding GCSE and A-Level examinations this summer

This morning, all Headteachers received further guidance from the Secretary of State for Education and Ofqual in relation to summer examinations. As you will be aware, GCSE and A-Level examinations will not take place this summer.

I have attached a letter from Ofqual which explains how grades will be calculated this summer (please see below to download). Please read the letter very carefully.

Along with all other schools in the country, we will be asked to send two pieces of information to examination boards for each of your subjects, based on what we know about your work and your achievements:

  • The grade we believe you were most likely to get if teaching, learning and exams had happened as planned
  • Within each subject, we will be asked to provide a rank order of students for each grade. This information will be used by the examination boards to standardise judgements.

In arriving at the judgement, we have been asked to consider a range of factors such as classwork, homework, results in assignments or mock exams, any non-exam assessment or coursework that may have been completed and the general progress made during your course. You will appreciate that this is not an exact science, but I will be overseeing the process to ensure that we are as fair as possible.

There will be a national standardisation process which means that the final grade students receive could be different from the one we submit to the exam board.

Please note that we have been asked not to take into consideration any work that has been completed since the school closure. From now on, all work set for year 11 will be work relating to transition to Sixth Form. In the spirit of learning and endeavour, we will aim to complete A-Level courses with students in order to prepare them for the next stage in their careers. We will also produce some preparatory activities to support those students who are going onto further studies. The process has yet to be finalised for vocational and technical awards. For further details about these qualifications, please see page 3 of the FAQ document.

We have been directed by Ofqual not to reveal to families and students any information about the grades we submit to the examination boards. This information will be confidential. Please do not ask teachers or anyone else at the school to tell you about the grades we will be sending to the examination boards or details about rank order. We are not allowed to share this information.

Below, you will find a FAQs page from Ofqual which will give you more information about the process. I have also attached the letter from Ofqual addressed to the students and their families.

I appreciate that this will be an anxious process for all involved. I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you all that we are never defined by a letter or a number. You are so much more than the snapshot of grades that will be captured this summer. Be rest assured that we will do all we can to ensure that the grades you end up with are a fair reflection of your achievements during the course.

We have set up two e-mail addresses which you can use to email us with any queries:

We will keep you posted throughout the process. Take care and stay safe.

Yours sincerely,
Mr Botwe

Click here to download a copy of this message as a letter Click here to download the letter from Ofqual Click here to download the FAQ from Ofqual

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