Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Our provision for 2019 onwards is presently being planned…

Dear Parents/Carers of Year 9 & 10 Students,

I am writing to inform you about changes in our provision of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) programmes at Bronze (Year 9) and Silver (Year 10) levels.

Owing to a range of factors, we are unable to run the DofE programme ourselves from the 2019 academic year and from this year and into the foreseeable future we will be using an adventurous activites provider for the award delivery.

In short, our initial planning indicates that the award provision will be on the folllowing basis and the costs stated below will include a pre-expedition training day, training and qualifying expeditions (2-day for Bronze and 3-day for Silver), DofE Log Books and eDofE access, a Tytherington School DofE T-Shirt and administrative costs:

  • BRONZE Award – £285 to participate, a Training Day on 25/02/19, a Training Expedition on 30th & 31st March, and a Qualifying Expedition on 20th & 21st July (preference, with 29th & 30th June as backup)
  • SILVER Award – £395 to participate, a Training Day on 25/02/19, a Training Expedition on 17th to 19th May, and a Qualifying Expedition on 19th to 21st July

To support with planning for the delivery of the award programmes with our provider, I need to carry out a short survey or ‘straw poll’ to gauge the levels of interest in the award programmes. Therefore, please do click on the link below and respond to the two questions contaned so that I may collated responses and get in touch with our provider:

DofE Straw Poll Survey
Please be aware that the Poll will expire at 10pm on Thursday 17th January 2019

Please be aware that if your child is in receipt of the ‘Pupil Premium’, we are able to offer financial support. Please contact me directly about that.

Thank you for your understanding and please do respond to the poll, especially if your child wishes to participate.

Best wishes…

Mr Andy Pilbury
Deputy Headteacher