Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Important documentation

Useful websites

  • ‘Doing your DofE’ Participants Info Website – Contains loads of information to support you in completing this independent award. Virtually all of the other resources found on this web-page have come from this website.
  • eDofE – The portal for logging into your eDofE account, recording your activities and logging your hours of Volunteering, Physical and Skills sections, and providing evidence for those sections and your Expedition.

Useful resources for completing your award

Please feel free to download and use the following resources to support your independent completion of the award:

The following table contains links and downloads that relate to each of the award sections:

Resource Volunteering Section Physical Section Skills Section Expedition Section
DofE Section Requirements Web-Pages Link to Web-Page Link to Web-Page Link to Web-Page Link to Web-Page
Programme Ideas – Use this for ideas of what to do to complete the section and check if it meets requirements Download Ideas Sheet Download Ideas Sheet Download Ideas Sheet N/A
Programme Planner – Use this to plan the activity for this section and then type/upload into eDofE Download Planner Download Planner Download Planner N/A
Activity Log – Use this log to keep track of your hours spent on your section activity Download Activity Log  Download Activity Log Download Activity Log N/A
Other Resources N/A  N/A N/A Get Outside the Classroom DofE A5 Expedition Handbook

DofE Expedition Kit Tips and Guides

eDofE OS Mapping Guide – A guide to using the Ordnance Survey Mapping tool within eDofE.

See below for further Expedition Section information…

Volunteering Opportunities

When we become aware of opportunities for volunteering in the local area, to help you with completing your volunteering hours as part of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, we will post them here:

  • Gawsworth Community Shop – Gawsworth Community Shop have sent us this information and are welcoming volunteers to bring their skills to the organisation and help them maintain a local village shop for the inhabitants of Gawsworth.

2019/20 Expedition Information

The following dates have been agreed with Get Outside the Classroom for the 2019/20 academic year:

Expedition Event Bronze Award Silver Award
Pre-Expedition Training Day Friday 3rd April 2020
Practice Expeditions 25th & 26th April 2020 24th-26th April 2020
Qualifying Expeditions 18th & 19th July 2020 17th-19th July 2020

Information about the specific expeditions will be posted here when they are published and please also see the Get Outside the Classroom DofE A5 Expedition Handbook.

Pre-Expedition Training Day
Information Bronze – 3rd April 2020 Silver – 3rd April 2020
Participant & Parent Letter TBC TBC
Practice Expeditions
Information Bronze – 25th & 26th April 2020 Silver – 24th-26th April 2020
Parent Letter (inc. Drop-Off, Camping and Pick-Up Locations) TBC TBC
Qualifying Expeditions
Information Bronze – 18th & 19th July 2020 Silver – 17th-19th July 2020
Parent Letter (inc. Drop-Off, Camping and Pick-Up Locations) TBC TBC