eLearning Service Status

Please see the following letter and guidance to support you in accessing our eLearning platform:

Please see below for any notices or issues that we are presently aware of with regards to the provision of eLearning.

If you are experiencing issues yourself:

  • Students or Parents/Guardians should click here to use the form to log an issue.
  • Members of Staff should contact our IT Technicians via the normal email address.

Notices or present issues that we are aware of:

Longer-Term Adjustments
Monday 18th January – Friday 12th February 2021
  • Year 10 Science (10SS1,10SS2,10SS3,10TS1,10TS2) – In order to accommodate live lessons, the timetable for Year 10 science lessons has changed please check your new timetable for when you have Biology, Chemistry and Physics.Due to childcare issues Mrs Wallis’ year 10TS1 and 10TS2 will be taught by Mrs McClusky. Mrs McClusky will send the live lesson invites out as normal.
  • Year 10 Science in the w/b Monday 18th January 2021 Only – Mr Ratcliff’s year 10 cover work will be set by Mr Watson please check firefly for the tasks for this week.
  • Year 12 Chemistry – Due to childcare issues Mrs Wallis year 12B Chemistry will be taught by Mr Acreman. Mr Acreman will send the live lesson invites out as normal, please be aware that you have these lessons at the same time as 12A Chemistry (i.e. Week 1 Wednesday Period 3, Week 1 Friday Period 5, Week 2 Monday Period 2 and Week 2 Thursday Period 3). This will replace study periods or free periods and when you should have Mrs Wallis these are now free periods.
Short-Term Adjustments

Wednesday 27th January 2021

  • Miss Burgess (BU) – Miss Burgess has unfortunately become unwell and is unable to deliver live lessons today and has not been able to upload tasks to FireFly. Tasks will be uploaded at a later time.

Thursday 28th January 2021

  • Mrs Pearson (KP) – Periods 1 and 2 (9a/H3 and 13D/H1) tasks will be set on FireFly/Teams
  • Mr Watson (PW) – Period 2 (10Ts5) tasks will be set on FireFly.
  • Mr Yates (GY) – Period 4 (Year 10) tasks will be set on FireFly.