Statutory Information


This page provides all statutory information that an academy should publish on its website, in the order as required by the government:

School contact details

School name: Tytherington School
Postal address: Manchester Road



SK10 2EE

Telephone number: 01625 610220
Email address:
Member of staff that receives enquiries: Mrs G Amron / Mrs L Proctor
Headteacher: Mr Emmanuel Botwe

Chair of the governing body: Mrs Jane Stephens

Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo): Mrs Elizabeth Healey

Admission arrangements

Please see our full admission arrangements information by clicking here.

Admissions Policy for… Academic Year Link to Policy
Current Academic Year 2017/18 Open
Next Academic Year 2018/19 Open

Exclusion arrangements

Please see our Exclusion Policy by clicking here.

OfSTED reports

Please see our most recent OfSTED reports by clicking here.

Exam and assessment results

Key Stage 4

Please see our most recent press release regarding Key Stage 4 (GCSE) results by clicking here.

Performance Measure 2016 ¹ 2017 *
Progress 8 Score (Please see our “Statement Regarding Progress 8” by clicking here) +0.12 -0.03
Attainment 8 Score 54.2 50.6
Students achieving Grade 4 (or C) or above in English & Mathematics GCSEs 83% 83%
Students achieving Grade 5 or above in English & Mathematics GCSEs N/A 57%
Students entering for the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) 47% 38%
Students achieving the EBacc at Grade 4 (or C) or above 41% 32%
Students achieving the EBacc at Grade 5 or above N/A 30%
Students staying in education or employment after Key Stage 4 95% 95%

¹ Please note that the data for the 2016 performance measures are for the past A*-G graded GCSE qualifications.

* Please note that the data for the 2017 performance measures are the first 9-1 graded GCSE qualifications in English and Mathematics, with remaining A*-G graded qualifications carrying a lower ‘Attainment 8’ value.

Key Stage 5 (Post-16)

Please see our most recent press release regarding Key Stage 5 (GCE) results by clicking here.

Performance Measure 2017
A-Levels Academic Applied General Tech Levels
Progress Score +0.09 +0.09 -0.15 N/A
Average Points 35.03 35.03 35.75 N/A
Average Grade B- B- Distinction N/A
Destinations (Students finishing 16 to 18 study who either stayed in education or went into employment from October to March the following year) 96%
Key Stage 3

Please also see details of our assessment and monitoring in Key Stage 3 by clicking here.

Performance tables

Please see our national school and college performance tables information by clicking here.


Please see details of our overall ‘Curriculum Plan’ by clicking here.

Please see details of our curriculum’s links to SMSC, British Values and an overview of our ROSE (PSHE) Days by clicking here.

Our Key Stage 3 offer

Further details about ‘Assessment & Monitoring’, including the curriculum content for each subject in Key Stage 3 can be seen by clicking here.

Our Key Stage 4 offer

Please see details of our ‘Year 9 Guided Choices’ process for support in the selection of our Key Stage 4 offer by clicking here.

Please see our ‘Guided Choices’ booklets for the information about the courses that are offered to students that are in or approaching Key Stage 4:

Our Key Stage 5 offer (Post-16)

Please see details of the Key Stage 5 (Post-16) study programmes and qualifications on offer through our dedicated Sixth Form web-pages by clicking here.

If you have any further questions about the curriculum that Tytherington School offers, please make contact with us using the telephone number or email address in the ‘School contact details‘ section above.

Behaviour policy

Please see our Behaviour Policy, known as our ‘Conduct and Safety Policy’ by clicking here.

Pupil premium

Please see our most recent ‘Pupil Premium Review’ by clicking here.

We hold an annual review of our strategy regarding pupil premium that takes place across the end of August and into September, as part of  reviews of students’ performance and the our whole school self-evaluation. The ‘Pupil Premium Review’ that we publish is an outcome of that review process that is then presented to our governing body.

Year 7 literacy and numeracy catch-up premium

Please see our most recent ‘Year 7 Literacy & Numeracy Catch-Up Premium Review’ by clicking here.

Special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)

Please see our policy documents relating to SEND by clicking on the related links:

Please see our ‘SEND Report’, contained within our ‘Local Offer’ document, by clicking here.

Equality objectives

Please see our equality objectives contained within our ‘Equality & Transgender Policy’ by clicking here.

Data Protection & GDPR

Please see our ‘Privacy Notices’ and information within them about Data Protection and the GDPR by clicking here.

Complaints policy

Please see our ‘Complaints Policy & Procedure’ by clicking here.

Please see our ‘Special Educational Needs Policy’ above for specific details about any complaints regarding support of children with special educational needs provided by the school.

Please see our ‘Whistleblowing Policy’ by clicking here.

Annual reports and accounts

Please see our annual reports and accounts by clicking here.

Governors’ information and duties

Please see our structure and remit of the members of our governing body, plus any relevant business and pecuniary interests that they have by clicking on the related links:

Charging and remissions policies

Please see our ‘Charging and Remissions Policy’ by clicking here.

Values and ethos

“We are an ambitious school at the heart of the community. We constantly strive to improve everything we do. Our mission is to provide all students with a high quality education that encourages them to be articulate, resilient, courageous, curious and have the confidence to stand up for what they believe in.”

Please see our “Our Vision” web page for further details by clicking here.