Parents of Tytherington School


The Summer Fair took place on Thursday 5th July and the Parents of Tytherington School ran the drinks stall, providing much-needed cool liquid refreshment in the glorious warm evening sunshine. We faced stiff competition from “Mr Whippy” and his ices, but we raised a total of £54 for the school, so “Thank you” to all who attended the Fair, including the team of helpers, and contributed to this success.

Who are the “Parents of Tytherington School”?

We are a group of parents who help with school fundraising. During the last year we have donated money to the Learning Resource Centre, the drama department’s microphone system, the in-school counselling service, high quality recycling bins and basketball equipment for general use during break times. We are always looking for more volunteers to help out at fundraising events, or to come up with new ways of raising money for school. If you think you don’t have time for this, you can still support school fundraising by joining the Tytherington School lottery (details below). For more information you can get in touch with us by sending an email to

Upcoming events

The Parents of Tytherington School will be running the drinks stall at the Summer Production, from Monday 16th July to Thursday 19th July. Chilled alcoholic and soft drinks will be available before the show and during the interval. We will also be providing (non-alcoholic!) refreshments for the cast and crew to keep them fortified for the second half of the show!

Next meeting

Date TBA

All ideas and offers of assistance will be gratefully received! If you think of any great fundraising ideas while lounging in the sun by the pool, on the beach or in the back garden this Summer, please do contact us via email, using

Joining the Tytherington School Lottery

The Parents of Tytherington School run a lottery (which used to be called The 500 Club). All proceeds go to benefit school, after giving a percentage back to lottery members as cash prizes. Tickets cost £1 per month and, whilst you can join at any time, you must join for a minimum of one year (costing £12). Many of the current members have more than one ticket, paying £2 or £5 per month, for example.

Three lottery prizes are drawn each month. 1st prize is 25%, and 2nd and 3rd prize are each 10% of the total monthly ticket sales. Currently we sell about 150 tickets each month, so monthly prizes are £35 (1st) and £15 (2nd and 3rd). Prize winners are notified by email and prizes are paid out as cheques or via electronic transfer to the winner’s bank account.

There are two easy ways to join the lottery and there are no forms to complete:

If you use electronic banking, set up a Standing Order from your account to the Parents of Tytherington School account to pay your monthly lottery fee. To set this up, just send an email to and we will email you our account number and sort code.

Send a cheque into the school Finance Office, payable to Parents of Tytherington School. If you would like one ticket per month, make it out for £12. For more tickets, make your cheque out for the appropriate total (eg £24, £36, and so on). Please write “Tytherington School lottery” on the back of your cheque, and include with it your name, postal address and email address.

Join today …. you could soon be a winner …. yes, it could be YOU! Thank you.