Uniform for Boys

Maroon Blazer with school badge.
White shirt.
House clip-on tie.
Plain black V-Neck jumper (optional) with or without sleeves and with school logo.
Black trousers.
Plain black belt (optional)
Dark grey or black socks.
Plain black or dark brown leather shoes (not boots or trainers.

  • Full school uniform is to be worn on your journey to and from school and at ALL TIMES in school.
  • All girls who wish to wear a skirt must only wear the drop waisted pleated skirt embroidered with the school logo. Skirts must be of modest length (no shorter than 5cm above the knee.
  • Your shirt or blouse (unless it is fitted blouse) must be tucked into your trousers or skirt and buttoned on the neck.
  • During Autumn and Spring terms only the black school scarf and an appropriately smart coat may be worn over your school blazer outside in the school site, but not in the classroom or refectory.
  • The sleeves of your blazer must not be pushed or rolled up.
  • Only school related badges are to be worn on your blazer lapels.
  • Shirt or blouse cuffs must not be turned up over your blazer.
  • The cuffs of your jumper must not be pulled or rolled down below the sleeves of your blazer.
  • Trouser bottoms must not be tucked into your socks.
  • Girls are not allowed to wear over-knee socks or leg-warmers.
  • Boy and girls are allowed to wear one stud or sleeper in the lobe of each ear and one unobtrusive ring and necklace. No other body piercing is permitted. Additional jewellery will be confiscated.
  • Your hair is to be of a conventional style and cut. Extreme style and colours are not allowed – particularly shaven designs, number one clipper grades and excessive braiding.
  • Excess facial or hand make-up will have to be removed.

Sports Uniform for Boys

Maroon/black polo shirt with school logo.
Black football shorts with school logo.
Maroon school socks.
Trainers. (with non-marking soles)
Football boots.
Gum-shield for hockey and rugby. (optional)
Black school tracksuit bottoms with school logo. (optional, winter only, and with your teacher’s permission)
No other tracksuit bottoms are acceptable.
Maroon/black reversible rugby shirt with school logo. (optional)
Black/white rain jacket with school logo. (optional)

GCSE Pupils – GCSE polo shirt with school logo.

  • The Sports uniform is to be worn for PE only.
  • Winter legware is only to be worn in the Winter, and only with your teachers permission.
  • High quality cubicle showers are available, therefore a towel should, be provided.