A Level Chemistry

Chemistry and chemists hold a key role in society, from the large petrochemical industry to the wider world of medicine. A Level Chemistry allows students to open doors to a number of industries and experiences.

This A Level provides students with analytical skills, both practical and theoretical, across organic, inorganic and physical chemistry. Students will build on prior knowledge of atomic structure and bonding, while learning new aspects of Chemistry such as mathematical-based equilibria and an introduction to organic mechanisms and reactions. In Year 13 students will build on these areas and expand their learning into structural and chemical analysis.


Chemistry A Level is a highly regarded qualification. It develops students’ ability to think logically to solve problems and apply knowledge to new situations.

Chemistry is an essential requirement for Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science, Chemical Engineering, Forensics, Pharmacy and Biochemistry.

Complementary Courses

Chemistry particularly complements studies in Biology, Physics and Mathematics. 


A Level Chemistry


Entry Requirements

Minimum B grade in GCSE Chemistry Separate Science, or grades BB in Core and Additional Science GCSE.

Minimum grade 6 in Mathematics GCSE.

5 A*-C grades at GCSE (including English at grades 9-5)


AQA A Level Chemistry