A Level Politics

Government and Politics is an ideal course for those with a keen interest in the world around them, a desire to engage in informed debate and an openness about their own and others’ views.

The A Level aims to provide students with a general introduction to the political and governmental processes of the UK and USA and core political principles such as conservatism and socialism. In Year 12 students will be looking at issues such as the extent to which the UK has a democratic system, how the ideologies of the main political parties differ and whether it is time for there to be a written UK constitution. In Year 13 students compare and contrast UK systems with those of the USA, considering the impact of race and a presidential system on the workings of politics.


Government and Politics will equip students with highly transferable skills. Students will be able to understand and assess ideas and arguments, construct cogent and focused arguments and support their claims with well-selected evidence.

The knowledge and skills gained will be particularly useful for careers in law or journalism.

Complementary Courses

Government and Politics particularly complements studies in History, English Language, English Literature and Sociology.



AS Level

Entry Requirements

5 A*-C grades at GCSE (including English and Mathematics at grades 9-5)

Although prior study of Politics is not required, students are expected to have an interest in current affairs.


Edexcel A Level Politics