Personal Tutoring

Personal TutoringThe role of the Sixth Form Tutor is crucial in ensuring that all students are happy, achieve and are fully prepared for life at university or in the world of work. Every student is allocated a personal tutor when joining the Sixth Form and their role is to guide individual students through the academic and social hurdles that face all students as they prepare for examinations, independent living and the world of work. Where possible, students will have a tutor whose subject specialism is similar to their own in order that they are able to offer study support and provide expert advice on university and job applications. Students will usually remain with the same tutor throughout their time in the Sixth Form.

Sixth Form students will meet in Tutor Groups or for a formal assembly weekly. This time is spent offering advice and support on self-organisation and study, as well providing information and discussion opportunities on issues that affect young adults. Such presentations may include safe driving, alcohol/drug awareness and stress management.

Tutors make use of the remaining Tutor Periods to carry out one-to-one tutorials and students are expected to attend if they have a pre-booked appointment. Guided by regular Monitoring Reports produced by subject teachers, these tutorials allow tutors to monitor student progress and set appropriate targets. They are also used to advise students on how best to use their study time, to provide guidance on gaining work experience and making UCAS applications, and to support students with any personal issues.

The role of the tutor is crucial to every student’s success at Tytherington Sixth Form. Where academic monitoring and pastoral care are provided by one tutor, individual students are understood holistically and personalised guidance can be offered.