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Welcome to the Science Micro-Site! A source of revision, preparation and support materials for Tytherington School’s Key Stage 4 & 5 students and their parents…

Key Stage 4

The Science MicroSite has a number of folders to help you with revision, preparation and support materials. Open the web-folders containing the great range of Key Stage 4 Science resources by clicking here.

The web-folders page is password protected. Please see your Science teachers, Mr Pilbury, Mr Pepper, Mrs Holley, or contact the School Office for the password to the folders site.

The web-folders page is structured in the following way:

1 – PLC Sheets – Personalised Learning Checklists

The PLC sheets contain a list of statements for each topic that the exam board expect the students to know.

To use this effectively download or print off a copy and use the RAG rating system to identify areas where you struggle. Bring this to revision sessions and to normal lessons when we are carrying out revision.

2 – Revision Websites

This contains a list of websites you can use for revision. We will update this list as the year goes on. If you have any recommendations please tell your Science teacher.

Biology, Chemistry & Physics Specific Folders

We have divided the Biology, Chemistry and Physics folders in the following way:

General revision folder

This contains a number of files to help with revision.

  • Hodder revision materials – These are short PowerPoints for each topic detailing the basic information you need. They are great for learning the basic facts.
  • Legacy GCSE revision resources – This contains revision material such as booster A-A* material and walking talking mocks, where they explain how to do exam papers. This is the old GCSE but are still very relevant and helpful during revision.
  • Quick knowledge questions – This contains quick questions to help revision the basic facts about the topics – this is being updated as the year continues
  • Revision Mats – A great way to remember information on the topics. You will get a complete revision mat and a number of revision mats with information removed for you to fill in and eventually a complete blank mat to use. These are an excellent way to reinforce and develop your memory skills.
  • Specifications – This folder contains the specifications the exam boards produce detailing all the information the student needs. These are good to use alongside the PLC sheets to RAG rate where you are in your revision.
  • GCSE Command words – This is a list of the command words that the exams will use and what they mean by each one, e.g. Explain:  Students should make something clear, or state the reasons for something happening.
Knowledge Revision – Know IT, Get IT

Use this folder to help retain and learn the knowledge that is vital for the exams. There are PowerPoints with the key information from the topics and quick answer tests based on the information.

  • GET IT – is for the basic knowledge and key terms – this will give you a good basis of knowledge to start your revision.
  • KNOW IT – is for knowledge needed for the exams
Required practical and practical exam questions

In the exam, you will have to answer questions based on practical skills. The best way to revise is to use the required practical folder to watch videos of the required practicals and PowerPoints showing the methods and techniques. They will also go through example questions and answer for practical skills.

You will also have exam style questions based on practical skills only to use during revision. This is being updated as the year continues.

Sample exam questions – AQA exampro end of topic tests

This folder contains end of topic tests for all units. They include mark schemes as well.

Completing past exam papers is a great way to not only experience what the real thing will be like, but also helps reinforce the knowledge. Do not be afraid to use the mark scheme and work backwards; can you work out why that is the correct answer or where it comes from?

Use your knowledge revision – Grasp IT, Think IT

This folder should be used after you have used the Know IT and Get IT material. It will test you on the information you have learnt and prepare you for the exam style questions. They include perfect answers so you can mark the work yourself.

  • Grasp IT – will test you on your knowledge.
  • Think IT – will help develop higher order thinking skills required for grades 7, 8 and 9.


Open the web-folders containing this great range of Key Stage 4 Science resources by clicking here.

The web-folders page is password protected. Please see your Science teachers, Mr Pilbury, Mr Pepper, Mrs Holley, or contact the School Office for the password to the folders site.

Other Revision Resources

Dr Curtis’ ‘Quizlet’ Page

Dr Curtis is developing a “Quizlet” web page where she is building a bank of resources for GCSE Biology – Access Dr Curtis’ Quizlet Page

“Primrose Kitten”

A YouTuber called “Primrose Kitten” has a channel that provides a huge number of AQA Science revision material. The following link takes you to their channel with an “AQA GCSE” search filter applied to it to provide you with a list of Biology, Chemistry and Physics videos – Primrose Kitten AQA Science Videos

The following document is a 127 page revision guide for all units in AQA GCSE Science (including all levels of Biology, Chemistry and Physics) from “Primrose Kitten”:

Download Primrose Kitten’s AQA Science Revision Guide

Key Stage 5

Under Construction