Transition to Tytherington School

At Tytherington School, we fully understand that you and your child are entering a period of significant change from the familiar life of primary school to facing the new challenges of a large secondary school. Families who opt to join Tytherington School can be sure that we will support you in making this big step; it may or may not be your first experience of the transition process, but we aim to ensure that it is a smooth and helpful experience regardless.

We hope that any questions you may have will be answered in the information provided. However, if you have any questions then please contact Mrs Healey Assistant Headteacher, or Mrs Woods Head of Year 7, by either email: or phone: 01625 610220

How do we support your child with the move to Tytherington?

During the school year, Mrs Healey (Assistant Headteacher) and Mrs Woods (Head of Year 7) will lead a team of staff to provide opportunities for Year 5 and 6 students to take part in various transition activities not only at Tytherington but also in their schools. This ensures that all students feel comfortable and familiar with life at secondary school before starting here in September.

In addition, during the summer term all students will have the opportunity to meet their form tutor as well as Mrs Healey and Mrs Woods in order to answer any questions they may have. Mrs Healey and Mrs Woods will explain what to expect not only on the Taster Day but also their first few days in September.

To make the transition as successful as possible we believe that it is important to know as much about our new students as we can. Mrs Healey and Mrs Woods will meet with Year 6 teachers during the summer term to discuss every student in detail.

Further information about your child’s move to Tytherington as well as information regarding uniform, school meals and transition days is available in the’ Parent Information Booklet’ available to download on the transition page.


Year 6 Student Information


Welcome to Tytherington School. We are really looking forward to meeting you over the next few months. This section of the website is for all of you and has been created to help you find out as much as you can about Tytherington and starting secondary school.

How do we find out Information about you?

Before you leave your primary school, your Year 6 teachers will have met Mrs Healey (Assistant Headteacher) and Mrs Woods (Head of Year 7) to exchange information and to discuss you and every other student who will be starting with you.

The sort of things they talk about include not only how good you are in various subjects but things which tell them about you as a person; your attitude, friendships, interests and so on. This all helps Mrs Healey and Mrs Woods to put you in the most suitable tutor group and makes sure that you get the most out of your first days at secondary school.

During the Summer term, you will be able to meet your form tutor, Mrs Healey, Mrs Woods and Tytherington Transition Ambassadors, who will be able to answer any questions you have.

Will I be with friends in my tutor group?

School will ask you to complete a ‘Friendship Form’. You must write down a maximum of three friends that you would like to be in the same tutor group with. (this could be a friend from school, guides, scouts, swimming club). You will need to write down their full name and the primary school they attend. It is very important to remember that you may not be with all three friends but Mrs Healey and Mrs Woods will make sure that you are with at least one friend.

When will I be able to visit Tytherington?

You will be invited to visit and take part in different activities throughout the year from cooking workshops in Technology to Science Workshops and Sport Festivals. In addition, you will be invited to visit Tytherington on the Year 6 Taster Day. This will be an opportunity to meet your new tutor, spend time with your tutor group and take part in some lessons.

What if I come from a non-feeder school?

You will be invited to join our transition days (there are lots to choose from) and we also run a number of additional days to ensure that you will have the chance to make new friends and meet some of your teachers. The dates of these workshops are on listed on the website.

If you wish to attend one of the workshops you will need to gain permission from your Primary school.

Feeder Schools

Below is a list of our most common feeder schools, with links to each:

Bollington Cross Primary School
Dean Valley Community Primary School
Bollington St. John’s CE Primary School
Hurdsfield Primary School
Kettleshulme St. James CE Primary School
Marlborough Primary School
Puss Bank School
Rainow Primary School
Parkroyal Community School

If you have any further questions, please contact Mrs Healey (Asssistant Headteacher) or Mrs Woods (Head of Year 7)  on 01625 610220 or