Takeover Day
3rd July 2018

On Thursday 28th June students across the school took over a member of staff for the day. Some students experienced what it was like to be a teacher for a day, with a few even having a go at teaching classes! Many different roles were available including roles of the Senior Leadership Team—we took over Mr Botwe for the day! Takeover day is a brilliant opportunity; not only does it give students an opportunity to experience what it would be like doing a job at a school, it also makes the pupils appreciate how much the staff do. One pupil commented that:

“I now have much more respect for teachers, it’s really nerve wracking talking in front of lots of people”.

All the pupils really enjoyed being a member of staff for a day and said that they would “definitely do it again”. Tytherington is very lucky that so many staff who are ready to help and give up their time to help the students. Also that so many students are prepared to try something new and a new role.”

Overall Takeover Day was another success and most of the students are eager to have a go again.

Written by Francesca Curtis (year 9) and Elliot Martin (year 7)