Headteacher’s Notes 30th November 2018
30th November 2018

Headteachers Notes We hope that you enjoy the latest edition. It has been another busy fortnight in the life of the school. Year 11s have completed their mock examinations and the Year 13 are currently revisi… Go to this Sway

Mr Botwe returned to his alma mater, Corpus Christi College, Oxford, as the guest of honour at the annual Undergraduate Scholars Dinner on Tuesday 13th November. The annual event is an invitation dinner for undergraduates of the college who have achieved a distinction or First during their first year examinations. Every year, a scholar from years gone by […]

Headteacher’s Notes 16th November 2018
16th November 2018

Headteachers Notes Over the past week we have come together as a community to commemorate 100 years since the end of World War One. It was great to see so many students reflecting on the sacrifice that others… Go to this Sway

Parking in Badger Road & Beech Farm Drive
8th November 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians, At the key times of the day when students are being dropped off for and picked up from school this inevitably leads to an increase in the volume of traffic in the area surrounding our school and we recognise that this has great impact on Badger Road and Beech Farm Drive. As I […]

Mr Caine wins Teacher of the Year Award
7th November 2018

You will recall that back in October, we launched a campaign for Mr Caine to be posthumously awarded the Teacher of the Year Award at the Cheshire Silk 106.9 FM Local Heroes Awards annual ceremony. We are delighted to announce that Mr Caine won. Incredibly he received over 800 nominations which is by far and […]

A local cartoonist who has contributed to The Beano and is behind the town’s hugely popular Comicon Festival, has been working with Tytherington School to develop the next generation of artists. Marc Jackson, from Macclesfield, has been working with Tytherington School giving students at the school the opportunity to develop their cartoon drawing skills. Students […]

Headteacher’s Notes 26th October 2018
26th October 2018

Headteachers Notes We have finally arrived at half-term. It has been an exciting time for the school with several activities taking place during this period. We welcomed our new year 7s and 6th Formers, we ce… Go to this Sway

Headteacher’s Notes 12th October 2018
12th October 2018

Headteachers Notes Many thanks for your ongoing support. The past fortnight has been packed with several events and activities which the young people have taken to really well. The Headteacher’s Notes gives y… Go to this Sway

Headteacher’s Notes 28th September 2018
28th September 2018

Headteachers Notes A huge thank you for all your support during a very difficult week for the school. We dedicate this edition of the Headteacher’s Notes to Mr Caine and his family. On the final page I have i… Go to this Sway

Year 7s Settle in Well
21st September 2018

This week saw over 220 students start their school careers at Tytherington School. The school is oversubscribed in years 7 and 8 for the first time in over a decade. Mr Botwe hosted a special breakfast to ask a group of students about their experience of secondary school so far. The students spent their first […]