Year 9 Guided Choices


Date Event
Wednesday 18th January 2017 ROSE Day 2 – A ROSE Day with a careers focus to inform students’ choices.
Friday 20th January 2017 Assessment & Monitoring Reports Sent Home – Assessment & Monitoring Reports will be sent home with information about the Guided Choices process, choices brochure and individual data to support decision making.
Thursday 26th January 2017


Year 9 Parents’ Evening – Opportunity to discuss performance and possible choices with teachers.
Thursday 9th February 2017


Year 9 Guided Choices & Subject Information Evening – Including a presentation to parents and opportunity to consult subject leaders and senior staff about the courses we are offering.
Friday 3rd March 2017

7.30am – 6.00pm

Tutor Consultation Day (as part of ROSE Day 3) – You will be invited to arrange an individual consultation for you and your parents/carers with your Form Tutor to discuss your guided choices. You will receive your ‘Choices Form’ at that consultation.
Monday 6th March 2017 Choices Form Submission Deadline – Final date for submission of your ‘Choices Form’. This must be submitted to students’ Form Tutors.
March & April 2017 Guided Choices Review – If additional consultations are required they will take place between selected students and a senior member of staff before final allocations are confirmed.
April 2017 Confirmation of Choice Allocations – A confirmation letter informing you and your parents/carers of the choices that have been allocated is sent home.

The following are supporting documents, some of which you can download, that have been issued to all students in Year 9 in order to help in making the decisions as part of this process:

  • Guided Choices Booklet for 2017-19 – Click Here
  • Year 9 Guided Choices Information Evening – Click Here
  • Personalised further information sheets – if these are lost, please contact the school office for a replacement.

We look forward to seeing you at the events that support this important decision making process.