Equipment List

Being prepared makes a good impression and, in terms of school, it helps get lessons off to a great start. Therefore, please do support your child in getting into a routine of bringing in to school all books and equipment that they require:Equipment List3 Equipment List2 Equipment List6 Equipment List5

  • A pencil case.
  • 2 black or blue ball point pens.
  • 2 HB pencils.
  • An eraser.
  • A pencil sharpener.
  • A compass.
  • A protractor.
  • A 30cm ruler.
  • A purple biro.
  • A scientific calculator.
  • Any exercise and text books that they have taken home that are required for the day.
  • PE Kit if they have PE during the day.
  • Any food technology ingredients that they have been informed about to bring in on a specific day.

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