e-Learning Support


  1. Accessing eLearning – guidance about how to access our eLearning provision
  2. Issues with eLearning – including access to our service status page and how to log issues
  3. Frequenly Asked Questions (FAQs)
  4. Assessment and feedback expectations

1. Accessing eLearning

Please see the following letter and guidance to support you in accessing our eLearning platform:

Letter – Online Learning During National Lockdown Guidance – Getting Started on FireFly

2. Issues with eLearning

eLearning Service Status

Please click here to view any notices or issues that we are presently aware of with regards to the provision of eLearning on our “eLearning Service Status” web-page.

Logging Issues

If you are experiencing issues yourself:

  • Students or Parents/Guardians should click here to use the form to log an issue.
  • Members of Staff should contact our IT Technicians via the normal email address.

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following FAQs are a collation of questions and our responses since the start of education continuing through the use of our eLearning platform:

1) How does my child access online learning?

You can find out about how to access online learning and live lessons via our “eLearning Support” section of our website. The link below provides you information about how students can access live lessons and Firefly. There are also details of an online form that you can use if you are encountering problems during the day. We have a dedicated team who are regularly checking any issues that are logged. Please click here to view this element of support.

2) What is happening with exams this year?

You will be aware that the government announced that it does not plan for summer exams to take place in the normal way for our current year 11s and 13s. We are awaiting the details of what will happen next. It seems likely that teachers will be asked to submit assessment grades, so it is important that students continue to complete any work that has been set and attend lessons. Please view the letter which was sent home to year 11 and 13 families:

GCSE and A-Level Exams Update

NB: All public exams which have been scheduled for January will still take place in school. Mrs Clayton from the Exams Office has been in touch with all students who are involved.

3) What is happening with Year 9 assessments?

As per yesterday’s communications with families, Year 9 exams will now be carried out virtually in the weeks commencing 11th and 18th January. The slightly adapted timetable will be available on Firefly by the end of the day (Friday 8th January).

4) Will we have a chance to provide feedback about how online learning is going?

Once we have gone through the first cycle of the timetable (two weeks) we will be sending out a survey to enable all stakeholders to provide feedback on their experiences of online learning.

5) My son/daughter types slowly and cannot always complete the work. What can we do?

If your son or daughter prefers to hand write, either because this is quicker or to take them away from the screen, they can complete written tasks in their exercise books or on paper. If this is the case, please ask that they take a photograph of their completed work and attach it to Firefly so that feedback can be provided.

6) Does the work that is being completed in FireFly save automatically?

No, it doesn’t. Therefore, students need to carefully work through the piece and then click the “Submit” button at the bottom of it once they are done – without clicking the back or forward buttons in the internet browser as this will clear the work that they have done.

For longer pieces, it would be advisable for a student to type any answers into a Word document so that they can copy and paste into the FireFly page and then click the “Submit” button.

7) Can my child use my parent log-in to complete work on FireFly?

No, a parent log-in will allow a student to view the tasks but not complete and submit them. Students need to log-in using their own details, through the Office 365 button on the log-in screen that is shown in the guidance on “Getting Started in FireFly” found on – http:// www.tytheringtonschool.co.uk/elearning-support/#AeL

8) Is it possible to build in some breaks from the screens during the course of the school day?

We have made adjustments folllowing the feedback from the student, parent/carer and staff surveys and the following timings of the day will apply from Monday 1st February 2021 to any day where remote learning is in place (e.g. during periods of national lockdown):

Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesdays & Fridays Thursdays Only
Start Finish Time Scheduled Activity Start Finish Time Scheduled Activity
08:45 08:55 0:10 Form/Assembly Time 08:45 08:55 0:10 Form/Assembly Time
09:00 09:50 0:50 Period 1 09:00 09:50 0:50 Period 1
10:00 10:50 0:50 Period 2 10:00 10:50 0:50 Period 2
10:50 11:30 0:40 Break Time 10:50 11:30 0:40 Break Time
11:30 12:20 0:50 Period 3 11:30 12:20 0:50 Period 3
12:30 13:20 0:50 Period 4 12:20 13:10 0:50 Lunch Time
13:20 14:10 0:50 Lunch Time 13:10 14:00 0:50 Period 4
14:10 15:00 0:50 Period 5 14:10 15:00 0:50 Period 5 (Sixth Form Only)

* Please note the following arrangements when remote learning is in place:

  • 10 minute comfort breaks are in place between lessons that are back-to-back.
  • Some Sixth Form lessons take place after the timetabled day and continue as normal.

4. Assessment and feedback expectations

Please click here for an overview of how different subjects will be giving feedback during the period of lockdown.

Form Time and Assemblies

Years 7-10

Tutors are delivering one tutor time per week covering “Promoting positive mental health” activities and each year group will have one assembly per week.

Year 11

Tutor times are being provided every day as a drop-in with assemblies on Tuesdays and “Promoting positive mental health” activities on Thursdays.

Years 12-13

Sixth Form have an assembly each Monday and a tutor time each Friday.

  • In all cases, invites to the tutor times and assemblies appear in students’ Teams Calendars.
  • Where appropriate, Tutors or Heads of Year may set-up tutorials with small groups or individual students.

These timings of the day can also be viewed on our “School Day” web-page.